Real Estate Calculator Suite

Real Estate Calculator Suite 4.9

A ser of tools for real estate professionals or people who want to buy a house

Real Estate Calculator Suite is a set of tools developed to help people who plan to buy a house, it is also useful for real estate professionals.
Tools included in this suite: Quick Calculators, Downpayment Savings Calculator, a pop up calculator, a Mortgage Qualifier, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator, Amortization Calculator with Monthly and Annual schedules, Loan Spread Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator, Rent or Buy Calculator, and Prepayment Calculator

This suite also includes forms and information for home inspection, to do lists, and a home buyer's glossary to help you with the whole house buying and moving process.

Real Estate Calculator suite presents a good amount of useful applications, all of them very easy to use, with simple and intuitive interfaces. A good tool to help you make the right choices when deciding whether to buy a house or not, and how to pay for it. I recommend you test this software by downloading the free trial available.

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and XP Professional, and Vista.

Daniel Verdesoto
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